Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing Provided by Dumpster Rental Enterprises

What do you charge for renting a dumpster?

The cost of a dumpster rental depends on a number of factors, including the size of the container, your location, how soon you need the dumpster, and the type of debris you are putting into it. Dumpster rentals generally start around $350 and can extend up to $750+ depending on these factors.

What kind of payment do you accept?

We accept all forms of credit cards. We, unfortunately, we cannot accept cash or checks at this time.

What Can I Put in the Dumpster?

Most household items, construction debris, and waste materials can be put in the dumpster, except for a few restricted materials. These restricted materials include harmful chemicals, tires, hazardous waste, paint, oil, and medical waste. This is not a complete list of all the prohibited items, if you are unsure about what you can dispose of, contact us and one of our team members will give you all the information you need.

What is the process of loading the dumpster?

We recommend placing the biggest, heaviest pieces of debris into the dumpster first so that you have an easier time loading the dumpster. Note that nothing can be left hanging over the top of the dumpster as it is a safety hazard.

Where Can I Place my Dumpster Rental?

We recommend placing the dumpster on your property as close as possible to your job site without getting in the way of any entrances or exits. Note that you likely need a permit from the city to legally place the dumpster on the street. We also recommend clearing the area around where you plan to place the dumpster to avoid any unintentional property damage.

What is the rental period?

Our general rental period is seven days. When you place your order, the customer service agent you speak with will let you know the exact rental period for your dumpster. Note that you’ll need to call us to retrieve the dumpster, we do not automatically pick it up when your rental period is over. We may call you as a courtesy to let you know that your rental period is expiring, but we cannot guarantee that we will do so.

When Should I Expect My Dumpster to Be Delivered?

After placing an order over the phone, you can expect the temporary roll-off dumpster in one to three business days. Most of the time, you will get the delivery within 24 hours. Our dispatchers give you a time window in which you can expect your delivery because we coordinate multiple deliveries per day and each delivery has its own unique demands. When it is your turn, our drivers will give you their full attention to make your delivery as smooth as possible, so we ask for your patience as we deliver the same level of service to all our customers.

Should I Be Home for the Delivery or Pickup?

When you schedule your dumpster rental, you will let us know who will be your designated on-site contact for the delivery. When the driver is close to delivering your dumpster, they will contact the on-site contact to coordinate the logistics of the delivery. This person needs to be available during the delivery window to ensure successful delivery. If the driver arrives at your location and cannot place the dumpster on your property, they will leave and you will be charged a dry-run fee for the trip.