Storage Container Rentals

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Storage Container Rentals in Greater San Jose

Instead of wasting a whole lot of time trying to approximate the size of the storage container that you may need, we recommend calling the storage container rental division at Value Dumpster Rental to discuss the situation which has you in need of additional storage. After all, renting a container that is not sufficient for your belongings or doesn’t fit all your items can be a big inconvenience! Our highly-trained staff has responded to thousands of inquiries over the years, and we are happy to consult with you to identify the right size and deliver you an exact quote. Once you speak with our experts here, you will understand why we are the best in the industry, providing you with complete “end to end” services. From your first phone call to us, most of our mobile storage containers can be delivered to your location in less than 48-hours!

Especially for businesses that are growing in size, we’ve seen the need for them to augment their available capacity for inventory. A portable storage container delivered to an accessible and visually appropriate location behind your building or warehouse, for example, can fit the bill perfectly! There are a number of storage container rental companies in the greater San Jose, California area these days, and some even offer 10ft, 20ft, and 40ft storage containers like us, but nobody offers the superior levels of responsiveness and customer service the way our team does. Our customers become repeat customers for this very reason!

Consider All Of The Storage Container Factors

While selecting the portable storage container for rental purposes, you need to consider few things which are discussed here as under to ensure a stress-free experience.

  • Talk to your local body officials about your place whether they allow mobile storage units in your property or not.
  • Estimate the maximum length of potential time on your rental.
  • Request the exact dimensions of the storage container from us.
  • Identify the area on your premises where there is adequate room for the unit to be placed.

If you consider all the above-mentioned points, the transfer process from our yard to you will likely go smoothly. Call us now at (669) 303-8370 to discuss details like these with our courteous and knowledgeable staff!

Expertise & Superior Service At The Lowest Price

We are more than pleased to report that business owners, land-owners, property managers and even homeowners throughout greater San Jose have identified us as their vendor-of-choice, not only for storage container rentals, but because of our dumpster rental and overall waste management business reputation. We work with one specific mission first and foremost on our minds: To provide our clients with the best equipment via the most courteous and reliable service, at the most affordable prices. Our expert team understands that the need to rent a storage container isn’t an ordinary, everyday occurrence. So when the phone rings, our highly-trained staff knows that time is of the essence to get you what you need. It all starts with our ordering process, which has been perfectly streamlined to ensure the most desirable end-state: You getting the right sized unit, at the right address, in the right location at that address, in the shortest amount of time possible, and at the time that we promised! Call us in San Jose now at (669) 303-8370, and you’ll know you’re working with the best!