Porta Potty Rentals

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Porta Potty Rentals in San Jose

When you get out and about this summer, and travel to festivals, concerts and other live events, one thing you’re going to see a lot of are portable restrooms. Commonly called “porta potties” or “porta-johns,” there is no denying the simple fact that these portable toilets have been a part of American life for generations. For organizers of outdoor events of all kinds, and construction companies and property managers too, porta-potties enable them to provide comfort and convenience to guests that come to their ceremonies and job sites, allowing them to feel almost as if they were at home.

A Variety Of Porta-Potties Available

Here are the popular types of porta potties we rent out:

Single stall porta potties

Some common uses for “single-stall” porta-potties are outdoor parties, county fairs and other venues that require sanitation. This type of porta potty is normally present at job sites or events. They are particularly useful for short-term projects, with toilet paper, hand sanitizer and mirrors included within.

A single portable toilet with sink

In addition to regular potty features, this model has a built-in sink and working water. This is quite useful for longer-term unit placements, and where guests may need to wash hands more frequently. These units have a carrying capacity of approximately 60-gallons of water. This is just one of the sizes that we make available for rent to our customers, however, because there are a variety of situations that require different portable restrooms that include additional amenities.

Handicap stall porta potties with special access features

This style of a porta potty is used where the individual has special needs, featuring a wheelchair ramp, extra square footage, and handrails to make it truly wheelchair accessible.

Porta-johns with a flushing feature

This model was specially designed for outdoor weddings or events where the flushing feature sets it apart from an ordinary mobile restroom and improves the guest’s user experience.

Porta potties with changing stations included

These people-friendly porta-potties are also prevalent at weddings, special events, and parties that include families with children who attend the function. There is a separate changing area along with additional interior space to accommodate family needs.

San Jose Portable Toilet Pricing

The price of renting a porta potty will vary from situation to situation, and can range from $80 to $500 depending on unit type, delivery location, and the duration of the rental term.

Just give the experts at Value Dumpster Rental a call, and we can discuss your event or project with you and recommend the best type of portable restroom that suits your specific requirements. A deluxe, VIP restroom will run you more than the dollars required for a standard single unit. Most venders include charges for transportation costs in the final bill, but not all of them disclose this fact up-front. Should you decide to work with someone other than San Jose Porta Potty, we recommend that you confirm all terms and conditions before renting a Porta-Potty.

Other factors that can affect your final price on a portable restroom porta rental are:

    • The distance of your delivery site from our San Jose location?
    • The rental period
    • How many toilets you want to take on rent
    • The frequency with which we need to service-it
    • Any upgrades or amenities added to your purchase

    Now that you’re a little more informed, are ready to rent a porta-potty? Call us now at (669) 303-8370 and let us provide the best porta potty for you!