Need Dumpster Rental in Palo Alto, CA


Many residents are under the false impression that the only individuals who rent dumpsters are in the construction industry, this simply is not the case.  In addition to construction and remodeling there are many reasons people choose to rent dumpsters and listed below are some of the most common:


Attic Cleaning

Does your residence have an attic where you have been putting items not in use and now it is a cluttered mess? Rent a dumpster and easily clean out your attic making room for items you really want to keep.


Garage Cleaning

Does your residence have a garage, but it has turned into a place to store items and now there is so much stuff you cannot park your car in the garage? Rent a dumpster and make cleaning out the garage fast and easy so you can now park your car where it belongs.



Are you going to be moving and can’t believe how much stuff you have accumulated and don’t want to pack and take with you? Rent a dumpster and making packing and cleaning out your residence easier and more time efficient.


Child Moving Out

Has your child grown up and moved out and you cannot believe how much stuff they accumulated over the years? Rent a dumpster to make cleaning up unnecessary items left behind quick and easy so you can repurpose the room.


New Landscaping

Finally, able to purchase and install the new landscaping you have been dreaming of, but are unsure of how to dispose of the old landscaping? Rent a dumpster and simply dig up and throw out old landscaping to make a clean slate for the yard of your dreams.


Storm Clean Up

Did a storm come through and cause damage and debris to accumulate in and around your residents? Rent a dumpster and make yard clean up a snap.


Yard Sale

Did you have a yard sale and still have items you no longer want? Rent a dumpster and quickly and easily get rid of unsold items so you do not have to bring them back into your home.


Rental Property

Own a rental property and the last tenant left a mess, renting a dumpster will make cleaning out the property and getting it ready for a new tenant easier and save you time and money.

When looking for the best company to rent a dumpster from the choice is clear, Value Dumpster Rental has the reputation and customer service you are looking for.  Our friendly and expert staff can help you choose which size dumpster will best fit your needs and we offer competitive prices so you can rest assured you are getting the best deal in town.  Customer service is our highest priority and we never include any hidden fees and we can have a dumpster delivered to you within 24 hours from the time you secure your rental.  Don’t hesitate call today at (669) 303-8370 or request a quote conveniently online at  Be sure to ask about our additional services including temporary fence rentals, storage container rentals, and portable toilet rentals.
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