How Can Companies Effectively Reduce Waste & Save?

by | Apr 3, 2020 | Garbage Collection, Recycling, Waste Management | 0 comments

The health impacts of pollution on the ecosystem are alarming. Businesses such as restaurants, stores, hotels, and other commercial buildings generate significant amounts of waste that can usually be reduced with some simple systems and guidance.

Through effective waste reduction, businesses can become better stewards to the environment, and adhere to a “Zero Waste” program, that aims to eradicate the volume and harmfulness of waste materials. Thus, it is important to tackle this topic of waste management so that businesses can reduce their waste significantly and also save money. 

How to Reduce Waste in Your Company?

Here are 5 easy ways to minimize wasted resources in your business:



The first step to reducing waste by eradicating it at the source. To do this, your company should regularly do a waste audit. 

Look at your garbage, compost, and recycling bins. Try to think if there are good alternative products to avoid purchasing over-packaged products, or you could opt to purchase in bulk. If the waste material is an end-product of a manufacturing process, can you consider streamlining the operations to lessen or eliminate that waste? These are just some ideas start with for waste reduction. 


REUSE all that you can

After finding ways to considerably reduce waste materials, look at the remaining materials and try to identify which can be used again. It is important to think about using reusable items instead of disposable ones, which can surely reduce your generated waste dramatically.

One good way is to provide water stations or drinking fountains so that employees will just bring their own reusable water bottles. Another effective way is to purchase plates and silverware rather than using single-use paper plates and utensils. Frankly, this may cost a bit more up front, however, it will also let you save more money in the long run because you don’t have to purchase disposable items again and again. 


RECYCLE all that you can

If there is no other way to reduce or reuse a material, then the last option would be to recycle it. Paper, plastics, and glass are most commonly recycled through your hauling service. 

To make recycling more effective in your company, you need to make sure that your employees are properly informed regarding what items can be recycled, and the whole recycling process. Also, you have to ensure that there are adequate and proper recycling bins and signage next to trash cans so that employees can recycle what they can. 

REFUSE what you don’t need

REFUSE what you don’t need

If you think you or your employees don’t need the extra free item during training and conferences or phone books on their desks, then it is much better to refuse purchasing them in the first place. This will help in reducing unnecessary items that may just end up in the trash bin. 

RE-TRAIN your staff in Waste Management

RE-TRAIN your staff in Waste Management

The waste audit is important so that you can be aware not only of the items that can be avoided to minimize waste production, but also to check if your employees are following waste reduction protocols. If you have noticed that your waste reduction policies are being neglected, then it is high time to re-train your employees regarding your company’s waste management program.


To reduce the disturbing and distressing effects of waste on our environment and health, it is important to become aware of the importance of waste reduction and proper waste management. Especially for companies who produce tons of garbage, these 5 easy steps will not only help you reduce waste, but also allow you to save money on unnecessary expenses.